Bendy is the main antagonist of the game,"Bendy and the Ink machine". He was a Rubber hose-styled cartoon character created by Joey Drew, but then evolved into something much more sinister.

Appearances Edit

Bendy is a typical Rubber hose styled character. He is made entirely out of two colors, mainly black and some white for his face. He is always seen grinning, and has Pacman-like eyes, which are sometimes seen in rubber hose animations. His human name is Makayla Howey.

Role in the game  Edit

Bendy plays as a minor character considering his name is in the name of the game He appears everywhere you go  Along with chapter 2 you still have your axe and you can use it on bendy but when you turn your back he is there again.   nobody can wait for chapter 3 cause Boris the wolf  and bendy are in it together.  So in

chapter 1 who tore Boris apart? Most people believe it was Sammy or bendy In fact nobody knows yet